Emily J Hooks

Special guest

Hi, I'm Emily!

I am an author, public speaker, coach and more! My mission is to share the power of forgiveness with each and every one of you!
I understand what it’s like to be stuck in a cycle of resentment or the constant burden of shame. I lived the first thirty plus years of life doing nothing more than managing the emotional and spiritual I felt. My childhood, like many, was filled with challenges.

I didn’t earn a Ph.D. or study human behavior for 20 years to get to where I am today. I relentlessly forgave. And, as a result, everything in my life transformed. I chose to move through the pain I carried and to let go of the limiting beliefs I had about who I was and what the world was really like.

Seventeen years ago I was destitute. After losing everything I had a moment of awakening. I could see my entire life—from cradle to grave—in front of me as if being played on a movie screen. At the time, I saw my life as a series of tragic events. I saw the impact I had had in the world. Something deep within me changed that day. Instead of responding with the self-contempt I was so familiar with a deep sense of self-compassion emerged.

At that moment I vowed to not live a tragic life. I vowed first to survive, and later, to thrive. Today, my promise is to contribute as fully as I can as long as I am able.

I have since spent the last decade and a half focused on a healing journey centered in forgiveness. I studied spiritual and religious texts from around the globe. I studied psychological theory and practice. Most importantly, I forgave everyone who had ever caused me harm. I forgave myself for the extraordinary pain I had caused.

From this work, I have been gifted a deep sense of love, compassion, and empathy for others. I liberated myself from the bonds of the past and the illusion of my story to emerge as an ever more empowered version of me.

In 2017, my first book, The Power of Forgiveness: A Guide to Healing and Wholeness was published. Today, I travel throughout the US sharing my story and a message of healing through forgiveness. One of my favorite things to do is facilitate workshops and seminars because I get to see that a-ha moment in the eyes of participants. A lightbulb goes off and they can finally see why they resisted their own healing for so long. I also work with individuals and groups, guiding them through this practice and helping them to realize their potential.

I believe as we heal the world heals. I believe our purpose is to contribute to the evolution of human consciousness. I know that your part in this evolution is as important as everyone else’s.

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